Start the Ring Design from Scratch by Getting San Diego, CA Loose Diamonds for Wedding

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Solid Tips for Loose Diamond Purchase

Diamonds are almost synonymous to wedding luxury. If you are planning to propose to her, the very first thing that comes into your mid is getting her a diamond her. However, getting this type of ring is really expensive.

diamondsWhether you deny it or not, the cost of a diamond engagement ring nowadays is sky high. However, your option is not limited to that. You can always start from the very scratch of the ring in order to save cash. But first, there is the need for you to purchase loose diamonds. Yes, diamonds are affordable if they are not yet set with the band.

Here is a simple guide when you are planning to shop for loose diamonds for wedding in San Diego, CA:

Decide for the carat weight. What makes the loose diamond expensive is its weight. Your purchase for this item will not be complete without taking into consideration the caratage. However, buying a wrong cartage will make her disappointed. If your partner is very keen on this one then you need to follow her demands. Is she says she wants 2 full carat diamond then getting the exact caratage is important. If she is not critical on the caratage then you can save more cash by getting non-full caratage diamonds. You can give 0.75 or 0.50 carat diamond.  

Decide on the shape. If there is the most common type of diamond shape in the market, that is the round type. However, round type diamonds are considered as cliché when it comes to style. If you want to have a unique feel, go for fancy shape diamonds. Even if your carat weight is low yet the diamond takes a fancy shape, it will look bigger. Fancy shape diamonds are cheaper as compared to the round ones.

If you have ordered the loose diamond online, do not get a deal that has no 30 day return policy. The 30 day return policy will serve as the buffer time for the wrong loose diamond to be returned and replaced.           

There are literally hundreds of diamond styles out there. When you choose to start the plan by getting loose diamonds for wedding in San Diego, CA, it means that you can choose personally. By playing with the factors of your loose diamonds, you can be able to make the cost of the ring higher or lower.

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