Alternative to Flowers that Affect the Business of Denver, CO Wedding Florists

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Alternatives to Wedding Flowers

Wedding Florist3There are many things nowadays that are used to replace this or that item. Replacements or alternatives are great, but definitely not all the time, especially if you are compromising the best quality of the thing or material you are replacing. For some reason, wedding flowers have been replaced by a lot of things these past decades. Sure fresh flowers are expensive, but could you imagine your wedding day without using fresh, colorful, and blooming floral?

The idea of choosing alternatives of fresh flowers for weddings has of course affected the business of many wedding florists in Denver, CO. Everyone does understand that florists are responsible in supplying and providing stunning floral arrangements, but some people think it’s just way expensive for their budget.

A wedding without flowers, have you ever attended one? While indeed flowers are beautiful and fragrant, the reason why it is being replaced by some couples always end up with the matter of budget. There have been a lot of things used as an alternative to wedding flowers. It is up to you to check out for yourself if you can host a wedding using these alternatives instead of fresh flowers.

Candles – instead of floral centerpieces, some replaced it with candles. Colored and scented candles are placed in glasses and pillars or floating in water gives a different mood and lighting to the venue. It sure is a good choice compared to flowers, since you can buy it advance and it won’t wither like flowers before the big day comes. Others actually use vintage lanterns instead of candles.

Eco-friendly options – probably for the eco-conscious couples and for those who are really tight on a budget to order dozens of flowers, they make use of sticks, weeds, and branches from their own garden or backyard. Do you like that photo of a bride carrying a bouquet of wildflowers in her arms? It sure is incredible, so you can still use flowers without spending.

Feathers – how about a bouquet made from luscious feathers? There are some reasons why brides-to-be prefer the alternatives of flowers for their wedding, and one is due to allergic reasons. You can find faux feathers in your local craft store and you could probably dress it up a bit with some pearls and fake jewels.

Brooches – this one has become more popular in the recent years since it can be made from brooches that you just stored in your jewelry box for years. Create a giant bouquet made from brooches or hair pins and you will have a striking masterpiece. You might need some help from your friends by the way, especially if you are not that crafty.

Plastic flowers – these are the reasons why some wedding florists in Denver, CO are losing their business. Unfortunately, there are florists who sell them too. However, try look at the difference of fake flowers from fresh flowers and that should tell you why you shouldn’t consider it.

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